Action from love

In a world driven by obsessions where disconnection from self has become the norm and social media followers the currency, it has become a challenge to engage in oneself with absolute awareness.

The constant pursuit for mindfulness is followed by the never ending quest for belonging amidst the search for self love and acceptance. We are now measured by a small digital icons that tells our story in the shape of a little heart because then, and only then will this mean that we are accepted by the media.

This way of living is possible and even bearable until we encounter with a real life problem or a situation that makes us question everything we deemed important or even relevant. The death or potential loss of a loved one, a financial struggle or an emotional impasse that can only be the staggering result of long-term numbness can definitely turn the lid off the kettle once it starts boiling.

Solitude is condemned with a shitty temper and a plant based diet with a having a hippy personality and in an era of constant evolution, keeping up the trends has become too exhausting for me. The way we converse amongst friends and family members needs a new agenda and even a new language to break free from the “all is good” façade.

I started finding myself in the gratitude behind daily chores, the feeling of absolute pride and awe after waking up 6 days in the week to workout out of pure excitement (not obligation) and the new positive self talk dialogues. Thanking the Universe for the small things and appreciating the small accomplishments with big celebrations can go a long way; but in my story, there is nothing like expanding from love.

Expand from love..jpg

Action from love. Understanding from love. And when love is nowhere near, empathy or even forgiveness will get me to re align with my purest self. The three resonate in the same frequency but love is the easiest to manifest of them all. Easily mistakable… yes. The wonderful thing about life is that there is such a thing as trial and error, so… give it a try. Stay in the love.


Building blocks

So it’s been a while hasn’t it.

Writing a book consumed most of my health driven obsessions and the rest of spare time seemed to be filled with grand ideas of what my life should become after divorce, unemployment and basically starting over.

I became habituated with the idea of a new beginning on a regular basis. The mere thought that there was not going to be one day like the other made it easier for me to push forward and lean into my crazy ideas and just follow my gut’s insights. Surrounding myself with the “appropriate” person mutated as I transitioned into every stage of the mourning process of my father’s loss, my not-so successful marriage and leaving the family business after 10+ years.

“I am not much of a party person” said she while coming back from a wedding at 7am and “I am not a fan of celebrating my birthday” after 5 different gatherings with me as the special guest. I thought of myself as one way and then discovered after moving out of my sister’s house and into my first very own grown up apartment, that I am quieter when I want to be but also, I love the butterflies that come with regular hugs from grandparents and nieces and nephews.


The idea of rebuilding my life was both exhilarating and intimidating at the same time. An oxymoron on emotions. I had to fly to Brasil to find exactly what I was looking for as far the business part, I had to rewrite and re edit my book to be able to do the same for my present and redefine the word luxury because living on my own has been quite the eye opener for me.

Sheding over 35lbs came with leaving behind a great deal of unnecessary actions and unwanted outsiders´opinions. My flexitarian way of life was no longer limited to a diet and a monochromatic wardrobe had to be replaced with colorful statement pieces that reflected the truest nature of myself through all hues.



Amazing 18 months thus far. I’ve got a lot on my mind and new projects await. Looking forward to share them with you.


La vie en rose

Life has handed me more than the handful of lemons. I’ve been privileged enough to witness (literally) thousands of acts of love everyday which seem to go by just so quickly and ignored. And some acts that transcend the quotidian still lie in the back of my mind everyday I witness these heroes on their everyday rituals.

On one of those rare but special occasions, I was watching my cousin get blissfully married to the love of her life on a magical night in Brooklyn. They danced to “La Vie en Rose”. At that point, life had a very romantic notion. The troublesome events of daily life that steal minutes of your magical moment become nuances that fade within the night. The cathartic event (to me cathartic) led to a series of events that resulted in my late night talks with another friend and confidant.

Weeks later, I realized that I lost my pink goggles somewhere in the middle of my financial responsibilities and my new self imposed “duties”. I got lost with the big phrases like “I HAVE”,”I SHOULD” and “WHY DO I ALWAYS HAVE TO…”. And in between Central Park and my flight back home, it got me thinking that I created for myself a glass ceiling so low that I could barely move.

I felt frustrated, angry and tired…very tired. My beautiful and new health coach friend opened the mental door for me and led me to a path of self healing and release of old ideas. It seems that with a few new moves, a hot cup of tea on one hand and a vegan homemade chocolate chip cookie, I was able to get a lot of writing done, a lot of planning ahead (which calms me down) and made the formal decision of turning my life around. I need the love goggles, the wonder, the awe, the magic that arises from a baby laughing, the hold that the wet grass has on my soul and the warm feeling in my belly that everything is just as it should be.

I’m embracing the love that’s generously being given to me, in every possible shape or form and I’m making the conscious effort to be thankful for every little detail, to see the beauty in the mundane and to be the one that gets to see the fortune when there is very little to hold. It is an honor to be able to do what I love and see the things I’ve seen. Witnessing the magic in everyday because no smile is short of a miracle.

Wear those pink glasses and choose happy over everything else.


My blueberries are my own

In a recent attempt to inspire others to get creative whilst driving, Phil Shaltz put up a huge billboard in Michigan saying “I’m concerned about the blueberries”. Now, while it was true that there was no real “hidden” drama behind it all, it had more to do with a recent experience on his last trip to Alaska in which a young man showed a very deep concern for the blueberry crop of that year. Specifically, the fact that there wasn’t going to be enough rain to provide this wonderfully vitamin and antioxidant (and a lot of other good things) packed small fruit to the United States.

The very wealthy Shaltz wondered how this could be a genuine concern… he didn’t have bills to pay, kids to feed, a wife to fend off on certain days of the month and the adult commitments one comes to as soon as we cross that threshold of responsibilities that come with a day job.

He then concluded to see this as a way of relating to other people’s blueberries (which actually means everyday hurdles or dilemmas). We have grown to be insensitive to the worrisome reality that affects us most; mostly because sometimes my friend’s “blueberries” are really  nothing compared to my “huge watermelon”. So, the empathy seems to be following the rain (following the story here). It’s elsewhere. It’s just too DAMN hard to be empathic when we have too much on our plate to handle or our whatever is on our plate seems to consume most of our energy if not all of it.

I’ve been mesmerized at what I have been able to learn from close relatives. After a while, if I manage to stay quiet long enough, I’ll be able to hear their very own blueberries and it will too allow me to drift away from my own. I sit, I listen, I ask and I join them in the hopefullness that there will in fact be rain some day. That there will be a solution to their problem. And sometimes, just listening in is helpful enough.

However, on a day to day basis there seems to be a social policy that our solidarity is conditioned to the approval from our social media accounts and whatever goes on in our own lives. We forget to include the people closest to us. We tend to forget that people have their own hurdles. And we tend to forget that life always seems to go lighter when we share the burden with somebody else.

If you really want to receive joy and happiness, then serve others with all your heart. Lift their burden, and your own burden will be lighter.





This phrase seems to be catching on and even more so on Social media. People seem to be moved so much by this that these daring acts, the what-would-normally-be-embarrasing in real life or behaviors are just simply becoming day to day events that we can actually be proud to share. This is the era of over sharing, over dramatizing and the electronic leash. Everything seems to have a hidden meaning, a somewhat occult reason of existence. And while that sounds completely OBVIOUS (because of course everything has a reason for being), YOLO should not be used on moments where you consider yourself a daredevil.

I’ve been privileged to know some of the most amazing women out there and I am part of large and small communities of women who strive to become more than a label that they have installed upon themselves or labels that seem to have come with whatever it is that they do. The stay at home moms, the hard workers, the yoga instructors, the health coaches, the “I still don’t know who I am” women and all of the soul searching females out there that have united on various groups and on various occasions are applying this “philosophy” (if you can call it that) to their every day lives.


Some of these women have learned to do artisan chocolates, vision boards, write novels, write cookbooks and just be amazing and extraordinary on some of the most ordinary days. Oscar Wilde said “To live is the rarest thing in the world. Most people just exist.”

I’ve existed for most of my 30 years, but I choose to believe that I started living just a little while ago and boy! Does that feel amazing! Happy thoughts, delicious recipes, enjoying an outdoor walk, appreciating the little stuff and investing time in the things that I love most have inspired me to live. To live far beyond my years, stretching out to the inconceivable and reaching my goals. Slowly, but surely.

I started writing my first book this week, cut and pasted my biggest vision board yet and got back on track with my first ultra. Tackling the big stuff is not always my strong suit but hey… You only live once. Right?!

A trojan horse

We do thousands of things everyday. We get up, meditate, exercise (insert whatever makes your heart skip a beat), we make breakfast, shower (or not), manage our many social media accounts, drive/bike/walk to work, sit in front of a computer, create/design/run numbers… the list is endless.

In the end, we do everything for a reason. Sometimes, when you decide you to do something crazier and people point that out, there seems to be this whole assumption that this is only a Trojan horse for something sadder and deeply disturbing than one might lead on.

In some cases, I can honestly say, it is true. Even though we might do things because it is what is expected from us, or because it’s just what we are supposed to do, we sometimes lose track of what really moves us to act on something.

Generally, the reason as to why we even get up in the morning tends to be that we are moving towards something, this one small goal. I’ve approached my clients with the 5 whys. Why you do what you do? but why? but why? but why? but why? … and voilà! The reason why we do things is always readily available once we decide we want to dig deeper (as I’ve mentioned in a previous post).

We let love slide… We forget this universal currency that covers pretty much any dream we dare visualize. Love HAS to be the eternal fuel for our engines, this heavy machinery we call life has to run on something much more deeper than regret or plain discipline.

¨People mistake LOVE (1)

While it is true that sometimes I force myself to move based on

empowerment and planing ahead; it is very much true that sometimes I act out of guilt, fear or shame. I fear that I might not get to prove how much I care about someone unless I act on this, or whatever it is that I regret doing in the past and drives me to do something. Sometimes, it is the fear of regret that drives us to act and face our challenges. Whatever drives us, whatever trojan horse we are “driving”, let our pursuit of love be the end result of what we do.

What’s your currency?

In a race, whether it be life’s actual day to day or a heart pounding trail, you reach a certain point where all your fortitudes and not so wonderful attributes are brought to light. You race with your fellow’s pace, you try to keep up, and you run, you huff, you puff… you search for the road on somebody else’s shoes. And when that doesn’t work, and you’re simply too tired to keep chasing this fellow’s 5:40 pace, you let go of. well. EVERYTHING.

There comes a time when quitting is not possible, when the outrage of a simple decision is not enough to get you off of where you are right now, but then you lean back to admire what’s around you and the majestic side of this 360 degree view. You see somebody else who is also fighting, and huffing and puffing, and you lend them a hand.

When it comes to the world of racing (mountain biking, running, walking, skating…), health is the currency. How good you feel, how strong your muscles are built and how well you endured your training. That is actually what defines ONLY your performance. But in life it seems, compassion has to be the medium of interaction.

act of kindness

I’ve been handed a bountiful of gifts these past few months.Delighted, grateful and some just left me a tad less cynical than how I started the day.

I was visiting this amazing little site in a far fetched area of Guatemala, and this girl just needed to run. However, I could not find either the “safe” or “free” space to do so. A very kind man payed my way into a natural reserve park for me to run safely and “run happy” primarily (as he said). A friend’s mother colored my afternoon happy with a potted orchid. My miracle of a nephew smiled at me so mischeviously and joyfully.

The world can afford less cynicisim and more charm. More kindness. More compassion. More of the good stuff. Life’s candy! Find a currency that feels you up. Give a good hug, remind yourself that sometimes a smile can warm somebody’s foggy day. Life’s good.

An act of solitude


“Language has created the word ´loneliness´to express the pain of being alone. And it has created the word ´solitude´ to express the glory of being alone”. – Paul Tillich

While I was at the gym the other day, I remembered my friend (and ultra runner) say that when she just started her training for this big 100k event, she started listening to audio books and podcasts. Considering that the topics are endless and sometimes, they are free of charge as well… she thought better and used them as an alternative to regular running music.

With this in mind… I tuned into The Simple Sophisticate’s podcast. I absolutely love her and the way that she makes living life interesting by traveling, choosing quality over quantity and simply being happy. In her show on february 22nd, she talked about The Power of Solitude (actual name of episode in case you were wondering) and dug deep into the lives of certain authors who at one point or another chose these periods of prolonged solitude in order to create.


Before I got married, a certain friend asked me if I was sure about getting married because that could only mean one thing… I would never be alone or have time for myself. I can honestly say, that not only is that statement far from the truth but also; I can’t fathom a world without solitude even in marriage.

And although there is much excitement to spend time together, my solitude time is where I manage to “bring my own nature forth”. I succumb to a massage, a quiet afternoon with tea and a good book, a 3 or 4 hour run through the trails and my ducks are back in a row, my head is cleared up and I’m centered.

To some people it might be yoga, tai chi, running, or just a long walk on the beach. Whatever it is that you find comforting, do so! Don’t prive yourself of your wonderful solitude!

A great place to start would be this weekend at Santuario El Tular with Oliva Holistics. Please check this amazing event out so you can find your wonderful self in peace. (Information in facebook page)



Sing, like nobody’s listening

Elle Woods was not kidding when she said that “exercise gives you endorphins, endorphines make you happy, happy people just don’t shoot their husbands…”

After a pretty intense workout session last week, I still kept feeling a little wounded up. I was tense, I needed a pedi, I needed to b*tch and complain when all of a sudden… “Swweeetttt Caroline (pa, pa, paaa) Good times never seemed so good (So Good, So Good, So Gooood!)” came on the radio. And I could not avoid to be taken back to that amazing day when I ran my first every 42k. I remember the emotional wall, the “you can’t run a marathon, you’ll die” in the back of my head from almost everybody who deemed it impossible. And then, Neil Diamond’s song came up as we were approaching the back of Disney’s Hollywood Studios and me and literally, dozens of complete strangers started dancing and singing to this tune that I confess, had never heard before. But it was catchy, and so was the rhythm and the good mood that was set around it.


And so, after not much mind debacle, I blasted the volume and got taken back to that amazing day when I remembered that I was doing exactly what I loved doing and in the happiest way possible. Research has showed that “Music Engages Brain Regions Linked to Motor Actions, Emotions, and Creativity” ANDDDDDD it is very efficient at targeting autobiographical memories that can put you in a good mood.

Where am I going with all of this? Just a friendly suggestion: whenever you seem to be headed to a frustrating cul-de-sac of emotions, go back to happier times with the song that makes you dance, that makes you wonder, that makes your eyes sparkle.

It’s no wonder that weddings in Guatemala generally replay the top 100 songs of the 90s… they just carry so much fondness and good times along with every beat. And I kid you not, whenever they play “Ilarie” (a song from a tv show that aired on 1986), it makes everybody from my age and up dance like little tykes in the dance floor.

So while it’s sometimes a good idea to go to your quiet corner and just sit back with you feelings, if you feel like you just need a little energy boost without spending any money or making a mess in the kitchen, try that one song that will make you want to shout off the top of your lungs!


“Dance like nobody’s watching, love like you’ve never been hurt before, sing like nobody’s listening, live like it’s heaven on earth”- Mark Twain