Sized down…

Whenever I get a chance, I love giving myself some exercise treat. Like a new gadget, a jacket or the latest top from Alma Active. Then, it seams to me that more frequently than not, I find myself in the mall feeling somewhat inadequate for purchasing a size “M” at the local sports store. All of the advertisements (fine, most of them) and publicity for my favorite exercise regimen, running, seem to show athletes with toned and lean arms and bone tight skin (it goes beyond the muscles), it’s something that I can only refer to as the magic of photoshop.

So, in this magic publicity stunts from big companies, very small sized women portray what should be the actual phenomenon of the human being at it’s natural form: exercising. Somehow, they seem to forget that runners (as well as Yogis, Cyclists, Crossfitters, Triathletes, and the rest of the gang) come in all shapes and sizes.

I have trained with a few personal trainers in the past few years, and while of course I want to excel in whatever sport I am trying out (after all, this is why I am trying it out… with a goal in mind), I don’t want to make this particular event my life’s mission.

So when I get corrected by my very “passionate” trainer that I could only eat around 1 corn tortillas’ worth of carbs a day, I wanted to call it quits… But I did not. Proof of that is in the picture.

Making my dreams come true at Disney World!

Making my dreams come true at Disney World!

I am certainly not defined by others, I will most certainly enjoy (on occasion) more than one corn tortilla and I will most definitely look elsewhere for support when needed be.

My mentors have yet to be the grand masters of the advertisement world or the mean people who think putting me down is ok. So I would much rather follow the graceful leaders, the passionate entrepreneurs who seek to provide passion and faith through their products and the wonderful health coaches, like myself, who with kind words and a friendly ear devote their time to making women feel amazing at any age, any size and who make adequacy becomes completely overrated.

To my dear friend, Cris, you have inspired the best in me.


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