Mood killer

I’ve heard about the “stinkin’ thinkin'” for a few years now and… today it hit me! I finally understood the actual definition of this coloquial phrase. It seems to me that, while on the path of emotional well being, we sometimes struggle with having a more positive and better outlook upon life. Rarely do we tend to make a “blessings list” or “i’m thankful for…” list a priority in our lives. And, we seem to forget for a fraction of a minute what we do have going for us instead of focusing on the negative or less appreciated aspects of our immediate lives.

Gossiping, putting down and negative self talk are amongst the things that I have been able to detect when I am feeling the “stinkin’ thinkin'”. That powerful force that makes me wonder if I am doing anything right at all. If I am running enough, reading enough, studying enough, doing anything enough… and it all comes back to “I am not good enough”.

The putting down of others (emotional badgering, if you will) is one of the most clear examples of good mood killers. Criticizing others is just a passive aggressive way of putting ourselves down. Everything we say about somebody else, the brain takes it in as a statement of one self. Therefore, whatever we are saying of others, the brain thinks we are saying about ourselves. Eventually, all that negative talk about others tends to become negative talk about myself.

This has sometimes led me to a path of self destruction through compulsive eating, anxiety, not believing in myself, losing my self confidence and; of course, affects my relationship with others.

So, doctors’ Rx (or my own) is:

1. Getting in touch with myself: see what is holding me back and how is this negative behavior impacting my life. Re set goals (short and long term), have some me time and challenge myself to positive thinking every day.

green-nature-dual-monitor-other2. “When in doubt, go to nature”: In my constant pursuit of improvement, I find that running in a hiking trail, mountain biking or just a nice lunch amongst orchids (wonderful cafe here in Guatemala), is as cleansing as fasting.  Not so fun fact: Being deprived of nature has now been proven to cause attention problems, obesity, anxiety and depression. It’s also now called Nature Deficit Disorder (NDD).  Nature keeps us balanced and grounded.

3. Have a cup of tea: tea can be very nurturing and make us feel warm inside. If we take a moment to sip, relax and just enjoy, it will keep us in the present.

So, whatever your preference may be, try to stay in the moment and enjoy being you.



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