A cleansing date

One ofself love the biggest challenges I encountered at the beginning of my path of self discovery was sitting with myself, without TV or any white noise in the back. I could hardly grab a book or just sit with myself to meditate.

As of the last 6 years or so, I met this very interesting side of me. I discovered that I liked silence sometimes (and it was ok), that I enjoyed singing christmas songs in the middle of summer and that one of the most favorite things in the world to me, is stand in the middle of the forest “inhaling and exhaling”. The small things in life really became a pleasure. I seldomly took the time to bike, run or walk to the grocery store or wherever I needed to go nor did I look to fit some quiet time in a very busy office week. So, one day, after much anxiety and accumulated mental baggage… I had to get a sports massage to calm the sore muscles who were tense due to a lot of training and, stress of course, had a lot to do with it. My running posture sucked big time and I was always hunched because I felt I had so much on my plate.

My therapist lovingly suggested a lot of relaxation techniques, and as a Meditator, I knew of other ways of releasing stress. But I have to say, the most effective tool of de-stressing was a date with myself. An entire fun filled with 5, 6 or 10 of my favorite things in the world. All from reading, running, taking a warm bath, have a cup of tea, taking a swim, hanging out with a friend, enjoying a nice quiet meal, cooking, trying a new recipe… basically, exfoliate the rough surfaces caused by too much drama.

A cleansing day with oneself is a must for everybody… and if an entire day of you-ness is still a little weird, plan a special date with yourself and re write your day.



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