What a wonderful world

After more than 35 interpretations and almost 50 years of the song playing in the radios, Louis Armstrong’s voice kept sounding in my head all week long. Having gone to more than 4 doctors these last 4 days, I can honestly say how draining it is to be antsy (add in scared, emotional, etc), waiting for a verdict in regards to my dental health. And, a not so fun fact: when your dental health suffers, the rest of you suffers (FYI: There is such a thing called a Tooth Meridian Chart which can show you exactly which tooth is linked to what body organ). And, suffice it to say, that when a very kind friend and dentist told me “this could affect your reproductive organs in the next couple of years or sooner… and your heart as well”, I was in awe and quite speechless.

I have made many changes thus far and have engaged in many healthier habits, friendships and thinking patterns. All within the last 6 years. And, the one thing that had me baffled all this time was how my emotional well being or primary food could also affect the rest of me. So, in hopes of rebooting whatever is wrong with me that could be contributing to me sitting in the waiting room, I went back to basics.

Over analyzing was taking me nowhere… I started reaching out, talking about what was wrong, asking for help was huge and of course, began searching for the colors of my rainbow so I could get my happy me back. BOTTOM LINE: pairing action with intention, I got my big girl pants on and reached out for my support group and got back on track.

I started by thanking the amazing doctor who will be helping me through this journey because even though I know that he is not “the enemy”, I felt scared and my inner self had to throw what I can only refer to as child tantrum.  I also appreciated the coincidence of meeting another fellow vegetarian who enlightened me with his experience as a yogi/dentist and having a friend who encouraged me to find my safe space. “I saw the colors of the rainbow” after getting lots of hugs, kisses and two very sweet homemade cards from a 5 and 6 year old. And… very excited to report, that I started my journey as a vegan with the help of a wonderful and sweet friend and dietitian as well.

Photo by kätlin luht

Photo by kätlin luht

As I am writing this, I have a car packed with exercise gear ready to head to one of the most beautiful countryside sceneries in Guatemala where I will ride my mountain bike with my man friend and I’ll see greener pastures. I’ll enjoy my homemade vegan alfredo, green tea and lots of endorphins.

Now, I can conclude that, the lyrics of the hit song finally made sense to me. And today, “I think to myself, what a wonderful world”.



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