Looking ahead or dwelling on the past…

My mentor shared once that people have the ability to rekindle on harsh or painful memories in a fraction of a second, but when encountered with the question of “where are you going to be two years from now?”, we balk. It is astounding at how we manage to live so intensely in the past and crazier still that we manage to do so in the most painful and sad memories which trigger most of our behavior patterns today.

I am a firm believer that I have a saboteur within me who holds on to old emotions, old feelings and thoughts that, frankly, should have been delt with years ago. However, while I fully support the therapeutic methods of todays wonderful therapists, psychiatrists and psychologists; when we find ourselves out in the “real world”, shouldn’t we be present, and looking ahead rather than sitting with whatever happened to me all those years ago.


Property of Ada Alakärppä

Granted, it is from experience that we learn. And to that, if the lesson is learned: next chapter.

Focusing on today and what we hope the future might be, we are able to create a broader path towards the future and possibly, a brighter one. Letting go of old resentments might open up new doors for us in places very unexpected because when we let go of situations like: “I’m never talking to a redhead ever again because I got pushed once in the sandbox by a redhead”, we might just be opening ourselves up to the universe doing its magnificent job.

I tend to follow my instinct and when something tells me to not go there, chances are I will listen. But, a lot of the time, I came to realize that sometimes I let resentments and less favorable characteristics of mine pop up and reign (and rain) over my day. If I let it, over my entire life and future.

So, like the famous song by Idina Menzel says: “Let it go, let it go”. Grab on to something better and brighter. You deserve it.




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