Life matters

I’ve always been a huge fan of SJP’s ability of writing (as the amazing Carrie Bradshaw). She seemed to be right on spot in matters regarding fashion and friendship… relationships and emotional issues were not her forté (that’s just me). So, in more ways than one, her talented devotion towards her macbook and the pursuit of answers through writing got me to create a few things of my own and have a lifelong dream of writing about life matters and maybe… just maybe, throw in a few faux pas of my own.

28 years into life, I’m resolving my very deep (somewhat insane) emotional issues and in this road I finally got some answers that I needed. I realized that a.) I have to take care of myself first because I am charge of me, b.) Loving myself can definitely have a huge impact in the way I relate to people (specially those closest to me) and c.) It helps to help others.

Image from shutterstock

Image from shutterstock

So, after discovering this mind blowing, and yet very obvious and easy response, I started to work on a few experiments of my own.

By being thankful to those who have helped along all those years when I was so lost in self destructive behavior, I was able to appreciate their efforts and kindness. Being appreciated and acknowledged is one of life’s biggest pleasures. After doing so, I have been able to get closer with them.

I started believing in my own version of fairy tales. I am truly aware that there is no knight in shining armor, nor a true love’s kiss that can fix my entire world. But, I am very faithful to the idea that there is a happy ending for everyone. Acceptance has been a huge part of my healing process and fathoming the idea that there is a rainbow at the end of my road is very encouraging.

Asking for help makes me stronger. Recognizing that I am not a superwoman always (although I believe all women have a hidden cape somewhere) is ok in my book. I don’t always feel that I am supported because I want to be independent and not stir any trouble for others. But, truth be told, we all love to feel needed and needing a helping hand is huge!

I can grow from courage. I have been afraid to do many things I consider “socially inadequate” or something that only certain people can do but I can’t. That is to say that I used to be very agnostic about being completely free about social ties… my social ties. Voilà, I am nor afraid nor “appropriate” in many conventional ways. So, I have been able to grow from taking many first steps towards freedom and growth.

Coaching has been the first step towards a better, simpler and kinder life. Healing from the inside out is a road I am very much willing to walk in. After practicing active listening and awareness with friends and family members, I realized that it all comes down to “who do I want to become?”



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