A tailored life…

Every now and then I see myself very clear headed and stubborn (at times) with decisions I make;  everyday choices included. However, when I hear myself complaining and just going over the same sad song over and over again, I realize that’s when I am stirring very far away from what I believe to good.

That “truth” that I have been pursuing has got my engine of creation in the back burner along with my happiness.

I have began a 6 month program with an amazing health coach of my own who kindly points me in the right directions and with her help, and my own self coaching abilities, I can finally understand what is really going on inside my heart and my brain. Most of the time, my brain seems to be disconnected from my soul.

My life started to evolve much more quickly after this epiphany of mine. I realized that I just needed to sprinkle some hope into my mornings along with my raw oatmeal and berries. I tailored my diet to fit my life exactly the way I wanted it to. Because after all, no one person is exactly alike. On a good note, I am happy to report that I am 1 month into a vegan diet, I feel grounded and connected to my surroundings and feels like I prescribed myself a holistic approach to happy.holistic-Yoga_outside

As part of this process, I started rerouting my questions to myself instead of looking for answers on the outside. As it turns out; all along, the answers have been within me. With the help of IIN, my insightful/kind hearted coach as well as my persistent self exploration, I concluded that at the end of the day: I WANT TO FEEL GOOD!

In conclusion, when I find myself struggling with goals that seem unattainable to my mind’s eye, law and behold… it was never my truth to begin with.



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