Cheaper means better?

When it comes to food, does cheaper mean better?? I was reading an article online about a 26 year old woman who links being overweight with the fact that eating healthy is an expensive treat and living with government benefits limits her to join a gym. So, she feeds her two kids  (and herself) with Oreos, pop tarts and other sweet (but yet unhealthy) treats. This article generated over 200k comments and reposts on this matter of subject.

I found it to be very interesting and connected the dots to a personal story of mine. A few months ago, I discussed with a few friends of mine about my curious affair with healthy cafeterias (there aren’t that many to begin with) and, they all expressed their lack of interest by pointing out: “that would never work. People are not interested in eating healthy at their work place, it’s too expensive and not fulfilling.”

After a few moments, I was in shock and frankly, a bit offended that my friends wouldn’t even support a wishful thinking moment of mine. However, they were just speaking their truth. And it made sense. So, I took it on me to take a look around and just observe what 8-5pm colleagues were eating on their off hours, after office and late snacks. Drumrolls please… most of the people I saw in the school cafeteria (twenty and thirty somethings people getting ready to go to class) where eating mostly french fries with cheese, bacon cheeseburgers, onion rings, vanilla sundays, and chips.

What’s interesting is that the menu is not only designed to fit this diet that everyone seems to enjoy for about 15 minutes; but the fact is that it’s a very expensive diet to begin with, in the long run. And, sadly, the availability of “healthier products” is limited to packaged food instead of fruits or vegetables.

Vegan ceviche: colorful side of yummy!

Vegan ceviche: colorful side of yummy!

I myself have been involved in this diet cycle for quite a few years and can honestly report no benefits from eating meals packed with artificial flavors, sugar and unhealthy fats. In my case, my exercise regimen does not encourage me to over indulge and my emotional health doesn’t either. My particular lifestyle dictates that I think, feel and even breath better when I take it upon me to find yummier, healthier and yes, sometimes more expensive meals where I can indulge my palate, my mind and my soul at times. I do in fact feel better when I eat better.

Cheaper, in the long haul, can sometimes be detrimental for my health. Organic, raw and simple can do wonders for the human body.



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