Finding a new measuring stick

Some of the many wonderful perks about having lots of health coaches in my vicinity is the fact checking, accountability and of course, the wonderful insights on diets without them being just a fad. My new measuring stick in regards to health now seems to be kinder to me and to my soul. I have felt very odd at times when I find friends asking me: “so what are you not eating now? What diet are you on now?” And, although I have to say that experimenting with different approaches to a dietary lifestyle has not been part of my plan, it has been fascinating.

Most recently, I have been star struck by two very powerful women in the media world and who I certainly look up to. Their achievements are nothing short of wonderful and the prestige that comes with that warm smile is priceless. So I found myself observing, admiring and honestly holding my own inventory in regards to my hopes and dreams. Which, let me tell you, also seem to shift quite quickly.images

I have a lot of dreams in the works and among them, traveling, marathon running and re discovery are always on the calendar. I keep observing how my body reacts to people, situations and food. The hives I get from spiritual distress can not be compared to those from a bee sting, and belly aches from a bad meal are not close to those from a bad decision made. So, whether it be a friend or a foe, a movie or a song, life will always redirect us where we need to go. But it always helps to have a good companion and a good connection within… that way, whenever we need to reassess our moral compass, beating ourselves up will not be an option. Let’s create a new measuring stick. Shall we?

When trying a new diet:

1. If you are making changes in your regular dietary habits to improve overall health, good for you! You are taking the first step towards a healthier glow. Make sure you write down your goals so you have something to look forward to. Being better today than you were yesterday is always progress.

2. WRITE ABOUT IT: Whether it be a trend; doctor’s prescription or a hunch, always check in on yourself. Keep a diary and notice how feel within the first four or five days. Do you notice any change in your mood, sleep pattern and energy levels. The answers lie within yourself.

3. Don’t beat yourself up: if you decide to go completely vegan after being on a paleo regimen, give yourself a break. Make sure to give listen to your body and give it what it wants. Again… the answers lie within.

4. Don’t set yourself up for failure: if you become too strict with your diet, you might just end up frustrated and not too happy with it. Pace yourself and have fun doing it.





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