Anatomy of a Health Coach

With more than 2,000 people attending (and other thousands live streaming) the IIN conference, I felt chills all over. We all held our palms over our heads, our mouths and our hearts and… next thing I know, the lyrics of “Living on a prayer” became a mantra the thousands of us sang to and we became one. It was then I figured I was on the right path here.

There is a growing need out there for people who seek to help out others through a 6 month program and who have successfully changed their own lives by living their purpose: becoming a health coach. And this event just managed to contain a whole lot of us in a big auditorium. A whole crowd of med free practitioners, devoted to health, happiness and giving love.

Courtesy of IIN

Courtesy of IIN

Venus Williams, amongst a few of the wonderful speakers at this amazing event, was kind enough to share her experience with a healthier diet as part of a holistic approach to life. She seemed to make it clear that even though we sometimes find it painful and somewhat stressing to discuss our eating habits with others, we have found that it is something worth discussing when lives are at risk. Obesity and heart disease are no joke and finding out that your emotional,physical and psychological well being depends on you not eating an entire food group… I’d say there is something worth discussing. Having wheat be the arch enemy and potential trigger for eating disorder is a battle in itself and of course, making a decision to go to either ends of the line (vegan or paleo) is a hot topic of discussion between the crossfit community and the yogi world. But something was uncovered when I started this program a few months ago, food is just one small part of our healing process.


However it may seem, integrating manners of the heart with exercise, work, food, friendships, hobbies and studies is what I, as a health coach, find necessary to tap into. I myself have the wounds of eating disorders in my adolescent and teen years and the work put into changing or adding exercise habits, journaling, occasional yoga practice, meditation and cooking with a happier bunch. I’ve also worked on improving my knowledge of finances, different dietary theories and the benefits of breathing properly.

Life gets better when you have the right people by your side. I am currently working with a brilliant and very loving health coach myself who is holding me accountable on the whys and hows of my health goals. She is showing me what a health coach is really about. At the end of the day, the building blocks of a health coach reside in the willingness to learn, appreciate and empathize with others. How can that not improve your life and mine?

“Become so good at what you do that you can’t be ignored”-Venus Wiliams






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