Bet on myself

When asked to refer other people, I used to be a very clear cut and “honest” (some people would just call me a pain in the rear), but, as of late… I realized that I can’t and will not stick my hand trough the fire (as we say in Guatemala) for anybody else. Because, as it turns out, people can sometimes make mistakes… how about that?! As for me, I learned that I am the only one who can and will bet on myself to deliver a promise, a job or a recommendation.

This new year, I started it out with a very fiercely goal oriented mind and now, have decided to up the ante. I bet on my entire self and have written a list of dreams (with a deadline on them) along with pretty ground breaking motivational monologues when the moments of self doubt come into place. I even found an app where you can actually put money where your mouth is and, along with thousands of others, you bet on yourself to lose weight and if you win… well, you can actually make thousands of dolars when you reach your weight goal or percentage. Fan-freaking-tastic!

2015 is a year filled with space and freedom. Space to dream and freedom to choose from an entire array of mindsets. I’m raising the bar on the challenge arena and am starting my entire process by saying thank you to those who have had my back, who have seen me wallow on more than one occasion and those who have been kind enough to not indulge in the error of my ways. I have also found a way to be nicer to lil´old me and just be as generous as I would be to a frien8c23413508493329aa87508daf1f2028d. I now wake up with intention, a long list of Louise Hay’s affirmations and prana yamas waiting to be inhaled and exhaled. My plate is full of light and I am thoroughly enjoying learning all the wonderful lessons I thought life had already taught me. But then again… mistakes have a funny way of showing me…

To close this off… We have the entire world ahead of ourselves. This year is our year! Let’s raise the stakes when it comes to our happiness and lower the bar when it comes to self bullying. Running a marathon, hiking a mountain, traveling around the world, reading the Iliad and creating a friendship for a lifetime are just the cover of the happy road of our days… but the essence of our lives lie within our spirit and soul.  I’m all in.



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