Nature vs Nurture

The eternal psychological debate about the why a person comes to be successful can sometimes be reduced in a simple dilemma: are we born with it or are raised to become successful? It has been a wonderful experience to recognize both spectrums of this hypothesis. On one hand, you have the people who have had […]

Everyday is a monDAY

Happy Monday seems to be an oxymoron considering that the day when most suicides happen is on a monday (too dark a thought??) and most memes posted on facebook on a monday are sort of depressing… but I’ll start with something else… It’s been forever since I heard anybody say “I’m gonna start working out tomorrow” […]

Everywhere I see…nails!

After starting my journey as a certified Health Coach by the Institute for Integrative Nutrition® I got to experience something I had never known before and I summed everything up in: “when given half the chance, the body will naturally heal itself”. No truer words had I ever heard of before my mentor, Joshua said them […]


The word “perfect” no longer exists in my vocabulary. The mere thought of exceeding the expectations of such a big word, gives me anxiety and frankly, it feels very inadequate for what I do and am. In the world of holistic healing, perfection strays far from the path of love and life’s purpose. As an […]