The word “perfect” no longer exists in my vocabulary. The mere thought of exceeding the expectations of such a big word, gives me anxiety and frankly, it feels very inadequate for what I do and am. In the world of holistic healing, perfection strays far from the path of love and life’s purpose. As an advocate and embassador of health, I can share my experience when I’ve strayed from the path of happy and grounded.

Over the course of the last few months, I have been happily engaging with other fellow health coaches who are seeking for a wonderful new way of life. We get to share our successes, our next step to happiness and the pebble stones that finally lead us to that magical place of “I’m happy with my life”. These moments cannot be few and far in between for me… because I honestly believe that I can make this happen.

Planning a wedding, a lifelong dream for every girl 3 ages and up, has shed some light on the true meaning of joy. Like every other event in my life, this one has a bigger purpose. Much more than proving myself far from self sufficient and multi-tasker (which it seems I am not without being able to colapse and become a green eyed monster), it has reminded me of where I came from and where I wanna go. Many years ago, my “future guest list” to this magnanimous event was 500 of my closest friends, a glass of champagne on everybody’s hands and a party that would last for an entire day. The reality is that, although I have many friends who care and love me, they don’t come close to being 50 in the head count department of this gathering. The beauty of my life lies in those closest to me. And in the end, we will celebrate with hugs and crazy moves in the dance floor. The celebration will last a lifetime.

I am no longer planning an event… I am planning my life. So, I am back on track with my personal goals, I am making progress and taking huge steps towards wholeness. I am aligning with my true self and this, is as close to pure as I can think of.

Have a great weekend.



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