Everyday is a monDAY

Happy Monday seems to be an oxymoron considering that the day when most suicides happen is on a monday (too dark a thought??) and most memes posted on facebook on a monday are sort of depressing… but I’ll start with something else…

It’s been forever since I heard anybody say “I’m gonna start working out tomorrow” or “I’m gonna start my diet tomorrow” even though it might not be a monday. AND on top of that, when I googles inspirational quotes, most of them seemed to be related to getting through a monday morning. However, there also seems to be an inspiring idea behind the thought that Monday is the official begining of the week and so, if we want to “start the week off on the right foot”, we must start whatever on a monday… right?!

We can turn things around you know.. we can start thinking of everyday as a monday. Consider that everyday is a brand new opportunity for us to grow, to change our believes, to discover the insights that everyday has to bring into our lives. I certainly understand the passion behind a monday when we have a new project starting, a delivery, a paycheck or a long weekend even. But, I also cherish the excitement that comes with every clean slate.


Feeling sure of myself, a new perspective on a certain area of my life, the awareness that comes from an A-HA! moment…. they can all happen on any given day. But, if it helps us to start on a monday, how about calling every single day a monday?! But, if that seems to be really out there, how about we make small changes to achieve this feeling of a monday.

1. BECOME AWARE: What’s the goal we are looking to achieve starting the week? Write it down along with a list of 4-5 baby steps to make it happen.

2. BABY STEPS: Remember, we have to start somewhere. So, maybe tomorrow (a thursday morning) we can start with setp number 1 to achieve our goal. This means, even though it’s NOT a monday, we did something to work towards that goal.

3. PREPARE: Easeee into it! When we feel ready, that feeling of anxiety tends to be much more lower than it usually is. So, that tightness around our belly that we feel a sunday night when we realize we “forgot something” due last friday… goes away!!!

4. JOURNAL: Becoming aware of what’s keeping us from moving forward is always super liberating. I would recommend, if and when possible, to do so at night… it’s a wonderful way to close the day and allows the next day to feel “clean”.

Thank you for tunning in. Have a lovely day and enjoy your mondays!!! xo



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