Nature vs Nurture

The eternal psychological debate about the why a person comes to be successful can sometimes be reduced in a simple dilemma: are we born with it or are raised to become successful? It has been a wonderful experience to recognize both spectrums of this hypothesis. On one hand, you have the people who have had it all along and to who success, is only a natural state of the human being. And, with the rise of The Secret and the law of attraction spreading around, it seems to be that we can also turn the switch on and just enlighten ourselves with the brilliancy that lies within.

Be that as it may, we can change and we do have the power within us to make the best out of everything. The thousands of stories that roam around on social media every hour have very little to do with success in the cradle and lots to do success as a result of over achieving.

As far as I am concerned, the capability that we have can also be related with a few of these aspects:

– Who my friends are? The people we are closest to can have a huge impact in our lives. In Guatemala we have this saying: “Tell me who you are hanging out with and I’ll tell you who you are”. So, generally speaking; our family of choice can have a huge impact on our success. Hearing horror stories and continuous lapses of failure vs. happy and blissful topics of success and conquering fears?? Take your pick

– Our personalities: Since child birth, our wonderful creators become our best allies. They recognize instantly what we can excell in and what we have to work on the most. So, in most cases, when our parents pay attention to this skills we then develop the most basic aspects of our personalities. And as adults, it is our job to keep on exploring what makes us happy and successful. However, when the first case did not happen as one might hope, the choices are out there for us as adults: therapists, coaches, psychologists and, in some cases, 12 step programs to help us get to where we want to be.

Help the good stuff grow.

Help the good stuff grow.

– New experiences: our personal experience can and will affect our vision and outlook upon every small experience. The benchmark for everyday happenings quickly chances when you have eyes of wisdom and knowledge from personal growth. My own experience has shown me that the people that see the world (and have seen the world) are little (or not at all) impressed with the shallowness that come with a wounded ego. These are the people that see with kindness at heart, tear up with joy and embrace with humility what comes our way.

– Spread the good seed: When thinking about a garden, there’s a lot of planning involved. You must plant the seeds of the plants you want to grow, water them, keep them clean and enjoying watching them grow. Some people even talk to their plants to inspire them to be greater. In this particular context, we must feed our good thoughts, hearts and soul with the good stuff. Bring love into our lives and words of hope and encouragement.

My closing argument: I say, nurture trumps nature. Enroll in the college of life. Through away the burdens that seem to hang up on our insecurities and let yourself be happiest you’ve ever been. Be grateful.




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