You’ve got a chef in me

One of the biggest inconsistencies of my generation; I find, is the limited commitment to one’s belief system. Sure, I’ve protested (via Facebook, mind you) about the starving and dying animals that have suffered in the name of entertainment and the stupid circus, I’ve signed virtual petitions to save the rainforests from Brasil and I’ve even changed my diet in the name of the beautiful furry creatures I constantly admire in Pinterest and Instagram. However, the loop hole of standing up for my rights is called CYBERSPACE.

We are the generation of food porn, the generation of clogging Instagram with our daily rituals, the ones who constantly post on social media our differences with politicians and huge companies that have endangered one of the biggest gifts of this planet: FRESH PRODUCE! (Furry creatures are on top of this list, but for sake of my post… produce is the one being mentioned). All of this while at the same time, avoiding doing the one sane thing: holding myself accountable for my habits and my actions alone.

I read an article on TIME Magazine that left me gasping in awe. The mere fact that this particular magazine was headlining this particular subject was even more amazing… the title was “HOW TO EAT NOW”. The article was written by best selling food write MARK BITTMAN who shares the many benefits of home cooked meals, family-quality time over a meal and what to have to build a perfect pantry. BTW, loved it!

We have all been surrounded with mass bombarding about calories, exercise, the very intense dilemma of SUGAR vs FAT, crossfit, dieting and they’d expect us to match our behavior with our beliefs. If we believe that eating 10 servings of fruits and vegetables really is the way to go… do we do it ourselves? If we watched Jamie Oliver’s documentary of McDonald’s and the disturbing origin of the Big Mac’s and not-so happy meals,why on earth do we keep popping in the drive thru windows with 2 year olds?!

FROM DATE NIGHT with a friend: Probably one of the best vegan lasagnas I've had EVER...

FROM DATE NIGHT with a friend: Probably one of the best vegan lasagnas I’ve had EVER…

I, myself have watched many documentaries, read the books on the subject, taken the classes on it and invested lots of my time studying and analyzing what goes on in a human’s moronic head (MY sometimes moronic head, I don’t want to insult anybody here): if eating x is bad for me, why do I keep going after this? If I’ve seen firsthand the consequences of too much cookies, too much ice cream, too much pizza… why do I keep buying them in the grocery store? And to my dismay, I concluded that convenience sometimes over rules sanity. That’s the only explanation I could come up with. 🙂 Sorry boys and girls, it’s true! I am lazy sometimes. But! I do have to say, that we all have to start somewhere: AHA MOMENT.

Now, I’ve decided that in order to get the ball rolling on this new mantra of mine (to thine own self be true- W. Shakespeare… wish I could be so clever) and I’ve started with small meals. I’m taking a stand for fresh produce everywhere, and I’ve studied which food makes my body work better, which veggies make my skin glow and which fruits remind me of a summer day in paradise. Today, I am making food a part of a daily life, meals are a daily ritual for my husband-to-be and I, new recipes are a must at least once a week, juicing is always available in the fridge and the SAD diet is slowly but surely becoming a sad faded memory (SAD= STANDARD AMERICAN DIET, if you have no idea what this is, I suggest you look it up 🙂 because it is sad indeed )

If I am allowed to share one of the biggest celebrations of this past few years is: find the chef in you and with this, make happy memories. The convenient part comes in with the joy. It’s sometimes much more convenient to be happy and healthy than it is to be the prime owner of a stack full of prescription paper from the gastroenterologist’s office, a stacked med cabinet or a long bill of health problems. And, if you need any more inspiration, watching RATATOUILLE on  Netflix works for me every time (With this closing argument, I might have lost a few of my readers). Put on some music and start shaking!



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