Our new found selves!

We, the co-creators

The amazing thing about having a mind of our own is that we get to experience life on our own terms. We can live the same experience as somebody else, but the way we relate to it tells a whole other different story in the back of our minds.

It is said that we are “conscious co-creators committed to a better world”, however, many of the decisions we sometimes make are not conscious at all. And after watching “Inside Out” (utterly adorable), it became clear to me that I might not just be the only one inclined to push down feelings in order to put up a façade of something that just isn’t there. As a CREATOR of my own reality, I am absolutely entitled to make my own decisions for me and not for anybody else.

And, even though happy is something I would rather wear as an everyday accessory, it takes an occasional backseat as I allow myself to wallow in whatever not-happy emotion I am feeling at the moment.

I went to a new age store in Guatemala (truth be told, LOVE IT!) and I found myself in the incense isle. It was amazing to see that the ones that were best sellers were 1. Money or financial abundance (you guessed it) 2. Stress relief and 3. Happiness. And the other thing that I noticed was the face of the other few people that where there; they seemed so… in tune with their life and present. Not because they light up sticks and mellow it out on the floor but because they seem to be very aware of what is really going on within themselves. And this, allows them to be better out in real life. WholeHealthDesigns1

In a world where feel good substances are OTC (over the counter) and where your emotions are encouraged to hide in the caves, I have to admire the honest efforts of those who honestly and willingly try to make a change in this atmosphere. This better world we are co-creators of cannot be changed without the most important part of it all: CONSCIOUSNESS. One of the biggest reasons that meditation is so sought after is because it keeps you in present, in the now and it allows to be aware of your surroundings, of yourself and what’s really inside of this wonderful creature called YOU.

Meditations, yoga, tai chi and other forms of “new age” practices seem to be on the top of google searches everyday. Enya, massages, candles, incense and all of that stuff are now part of my perfect friday package (I think it should be on everybody’s friday package). And, the other OTC substances will in fact take the backseat while I quietly acknowledge what I am, what I want to be and who I want to become everyday.




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