Treasures and trinkets

be inspired

I revisited memory lane this morning with a cup of coffee in my right hand and my heart in the other. Inside this cartwood box, I found letters sent to me by close friends, aunts, cousins, and my father. I found pictures and treasures and trinkets filled with wonderful energy and great sense of purpose.

What striked me the most was that I found a letter I made to myself…8 years ago!!! it was dated to be opened to my future self with plans on how to make my life wonderful and how I envisioned my future self to be. Most of these things, I regret to say, did not happen. What did happen however was surprisingly different and a breath of fresh air. My expectations as a 22 year old in this world was completely different than what it is today.

The daredevil I used to be was just a coward camouflaged in this amazing coverup and the conversations I used to hold as mature are now completely off-grid. I can now appreciate the words of wisdom behind every closed envelop and the strong bonds that lie within family.

In one of those letters, my grandmother strongly encouraged me to write… She wrote to me: “write, write my granddaughter… it’s a wonderful thing to be able to do!” We talked about workshops and about writing books and this crazy world where this random possibility was just a mere thought.

Now, I am determined to stay with the inspiration that comes to me and follow my fingers in the keyboard. It usually depends on the many moments that lead up to this encounter… however, life just seems more grand when you have something to share with the rest of the world. Call it inspiration!




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