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On my way back home from the holiday trip this year, I treated myself to a little inspiration packed in the shape of a magazine (two of them to be exact). I always seem to be drawned to OK! And People Magazine, but this time of the year… I needed a little more umph to spice up my in-flight routine.

O The Oprah Magazine and the special Runner’s World Issue caught my attention. Specially due to the fact that both of these reading materials became motivational staples for people longing to make changes this time of the year. Oprah, as per usual, has a long list of resolutions that I myself could honestly stick to. But what caught my eye on the second choice was the cover of RW: Michelle Hercules Walker. A real life runner, motivational story and down to earth soul searcher. And my, my… if that wasn’t interesting enough, the tips to stay in emotional shape during the holidays was far too noteworthy! Closing argument: there are no longer any more blackout days for a better me.

I love the fact that we are now going back to happy. Happy is now the new black. It’s in, it’s in style and it’s affordable. It’s actually at the corner of motivation and good habits. And, because healthy is sexy, it’s a turning point. We are more inclined to ditch the couch and walk/run/dance/yoga/insert-your-exercise-routine back to health.

Nursing my soul back from the crazyness of this year’s black friday, I felt a tad obligated to head back to the year 1990. I bought myself a box of Crayola crayons and a colouring book for adults to find inspiration for 4 year old me and looked for more traces of encouragement on emotional stances. As I have come to experience, neither retail therapy or food comas do actually anything for my soul (or my waistline). So instead; I dabble with my keyboard, color inside the lines and draw a world of possibilities in my mind. I scan the body for excitement and play around with the longings of my inner child.

Because after all… “The body knows things a long time before the mind catches up to them”- Sue Monk Kidd



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