We, the nurses of the revolution


Upon stepping on the threshold of a big door that read MD somewhere in there… I froze! I do not enjoy visiting a doctor and western medicine is neither friend nor foe to me, but I prefer my life to be a bit more holistic and more about “what’s inside my soul that yearns for attention” rather than just reaching for the medicine cabinet.

That being said, I’m used to doctors and when I do visit them, I usually spot them taking out their prescription pads even before they know their patient’s ailment. So, today, I was proved wrong! I am happy to report that after a 55 minute appointment (that usually lasts about 10 mins max), I came out feeling relaxed, hopeful and extremely happy with my choice.

The doctor and I talked about my medical exams and at the very end, we ended up discussing the reaping benefits of a plant based diet; even though he is not on that train, AND he recognized the limitations that doctors have on their behalf and strongly suggested I look for a natural healing process in all areas of my life. We talked about exercising, Deepak Chopra, why we should stay away from processed foods and what kept me at the edge of my seat: “It’s ok. Other people are not going to be agree with your habits or lifestyle, but you can just let them be and keep on going with a healthier life. They will catch on eventually… or not!”

I was not being spoon fed or feeling obligated to believe what all 3 other previous doctors on this particular field had been telling me. He was listening; REALLY listening. He heard my concerns, did his whole routine and gave me really good pointers on where to get my protein shakes from.

It was a great day to find happy in an unexpected place and it’s a wonderful feeling to be at the other side of chair and be healed.

health coaches are the nurses of the wellness revolution.



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