An act of solitude


“Language has created the word ´loneliness´to express the pain of being alone. And it has created the word ´solitude´ to express the glory of being alone”. – Paul Tillich

While I was at the gym the other day, I remembered my friend (and ultra runner) say that when she just started her training for this big 100k event, she started listening to audio books and podcasts. Considering that the topics are endless and sometimes, they are free of charge as well… she thought better and used them as an alternative to regular running music.

With this in mind… I tuned into The Simple Sophisticate’s podcast. I absolutely love her and the way that she makes living life interesting by traveling, choosing quality over quantity and simply being happy. In her show on february 22nd, she talked about The Power of Solitude (actual name of episode in case you were wondering) and dug deep into the lives of certain authors who at one point or another chose these periods of prolonged solitude in order to create.


Before I got married, a certain friend asked me if I was sure about getting married because that could only mean one thing… I would never be alone or have time for myself. I can honestly say, that not only is that statement far from the truth but also; I can’t fathom a world without solitude even in marriage.

And although there is much excitement to spend time together, my solitude time is where I manage to “bring my own nature forth”. I succumb to a massage, a quiet afternoon with tea and a good book, a 3 or 4 hour run through the trails and my ducks are back in a row, my head is cleared up and I’m centered.

To some people it might be yoga, tai chi, running, or just a long walk on the beach. Whatever it is that you find comforting, do so! Don’t prive yourself of your wonderful solitude!

A great place to start would be this weekend at Santuario El Tular with Oliva Holistics. Please check this amazing event out so you can find your wonderful self in peace. (Information in facebook page)





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