What’s your currency?

In a race, whether it be life’s actual day to day or a heart pounding trail, you reach a certain point where all your fortitudes and not so wonderful attributes are brought to light. You race with your fellow’s pace, you try to keep up, and you run, you huff, you puff… you search for the road on somebody else’s shoes. And when that doesn’t work, and you’re simply too tired to keep chasing this fellow’s 5:40 pace, you let go of. well. EVERYTHING.

There comes a time when quitting is not possible, when the outrage of a simple decision is not enough to get you off of where you are right now, but then you lean back to admire what’s around you and the majestic side of this 360 degree view. You see somebody else who is also fighting, and huffing and puffing, and you lend them a hand.

When it comes to the world of racing (mountain biking, running, walking, skating…), health is the currency. How good you feel, how strong your muscles are built and how well you endured your training. That is actually what defines ONLY your performance. But in life it seems, compassion has to be the medium of interaction.

act of kindness

I’ve been handed a bountiful of gifts these past few months.Delighted, grateful and some just left me a tad less cynical than how I started the day.

I was visiting this amazing little site in a far fetched area of Guatemala, and this girl just needed to run. However, I could not find either the “safe” or “free” space to do so. A very kind man payed my way into a natural reserve park for me to run safely and “run happy” primarily (as he said). A friend’s mother colored my afternoon happy with a potted orchid. My miracle of a nephew smiled at me so mischeviously and joyfully.

The world can afford less cynicisim and more charm. More kindness. More compassion. More of the good stuff. Life’s candy! Find a currency that feels you up. Give a good hug, remind yourself that sometimes a smile can warm somebody’s foggy day. Life’s good.



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