A trojan horse

We do thousands of things everyday. We get up, meditate, exercise (insert whatever makes your heart skip a beat), we make breakfast, shower (or not), manage our many social media accounts, drive/bike/walk to work, sit in front of a computer, create/design/run numbers… the list is endless.

In the end, we do everything for a reason. Sometimes, when you decide you to do something crazier and people point that out, there seems to be this whole assumption that this is only a Trojan horse for something sadder and deeply disturbing than one might lead on.

In some cases, I can honestly say, it is true. Even though we might do things because it is what is expected from us, or because it’s just what we are supposed to do, we sometimes lose track of what really moves us to act on something.

Generally, the reason as to why we even get up in the morning tends to be that we are moving towards something, this one small goal. I’ve approached my clients with the 5 whys. Why you do what you do? but why? but why? but why? but why? … and voilà! The reason why we do things is always readily available once we decide we want to dig deeper (as I’ve mentioned in a previous post).

We let love slide… We forget this universal currency that covers pretty much any dream we dare visualize. Love HAS to be the eternal fuel for our engines, this heavy machinery we call life has to run on something much more deeper than regret or plain discipline.

¨People mistake LOVE (1)

While it is true that sometimes I force myself to move based on

empowerment and planing ahead; it is very much true that sometimes I act out of guilt, fear or shame. I fear that I might not get to prove how much I care about someone unless I act on this, or whatever it is that I regret doing in the past and drives me to do something. Sometimes, it is the fear of regret that drives us to act and face our challenges. Whatever drives us, whatever trojan horse we are “driving”, let our pursuit of love be the end result of what we do.



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