This phrase seems to be catching on and even more so on Social media. People seem to be moved so much by this that these daring acts, the what-would-normally-be-embarrasing in real life or behaviors are just simply becoming day to day events that we can actually be proud to share. This is the era of over sharing, over dramatizing and the electronic leash. Everything seems to have a hidden meaning, a somewhat occult reason of existence. And while that sounds completely OBVIOUS (because of course everything has a reason for being), YOLO should not be used on moments where you consider yourself a daredevil.

I’ve been privileged to know some of the most amazing women out there and I am part of large and small communities of women who strive to become more than a label that they have installed upon themselves or labels that seem to have come with whatever it is that they do. The stay at home moms, the hard workers, the yoga instructors, the health coaches, the “I still don’t know who I am” women and all of the soul searching females out there that have united on various groups and on various occasions are applying this “philosophy” (if you can call it that) to their every day lives.


Some of these women have learned to do artisan chocolates, vision boards, write novels, write cookbooks and just be amazing and extraordinary on some of the most ordinary days. Oscar Wilde said “To live is the rarest thing in the world. Most people just exist.”

I’ve existed for most of my 30 years, but I choose to believe that I started living just a little while ago and boy! Does that feel amazing! Happy thoughts, delicious recipes, enjoying an outdoor walk, appreciating the little stuff and investing time in the things that I love most have inspired me to live. To live far beyond my years, stretching out to the inconceivable and reaching my goals. Slowly, but surely.

I started writing my first book this week, cut and pasted my biggest vision board yet and got back on track with my first ultra. Tackling the big stuff is not always my strong suit but hey… You only live once. Right?!



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