La vie en rose

Life has handed me more than the handful of lemons. I’ve been privileged enough to witness (literally) thousands of acts of love everyday which seem to go by just so quickly and ignored. And some acts that transcend the quotidian still lie in the back of my mind everyday I witness these heroes on their everyday rituals.

On one of those rare but special occasions, I was watching my cousin get blissfully married to the love of her life on a magical night in Brooklyn. They danced to “La Vie en Rose”. At that point, life had a very romantic notion. The troublesome events of daily life that steal minutes of your magical moment become nuances that fade within the night. The cathartic event (to me cathartic) led to a series of events that resulted in my late night talks with another friend and confidant.

Weeks later, I realized that I lost my pink goggles somewhere in the middle of my financial responsibilities and my new self imposed “duties”. I got lost with the big phrases like “I HAVE”,”I SHOULD” and “WHY DO I ALWAYS HAVE TO…”. And in between Central Park and my flight back home, it got me thinking that I created for myself a glass ceiling so low that I could barely move.

I felt frustrated, angry and tired…very tired. My beautiful and new health coach friend opened the mental door for me and led me to a path of self healing and release of old ideas. It seems that with a few new moves, a hot cup of tea on one hand and a vegan homemade chocolate chip cookie, I was able to get a lot of writing done, a lot of planning ahead (which calms me down) and made the formal decision of turning my life around. I need the love goggles, the wonder, the awe, the magic that arises from a baby laughing, the hold that the wet grass has on my soul and the warm feeling in my belly that everything is just as it should be.

I’m embracing the love that’s generously being given to me, in every possible shape or form and I’m making the conscious effort to be thankful for every little detail, to see the beauty in the mundane and to be the one that gets to see the fortune when there is very little to hold. It is an honor to be able to do what I love and see the things I’ve seen. Witnessing the magic in everyday because no smile is short of a miracle.

Wear those pink glasses and choose happy over everything else.




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