Building blocks

So it’s been a while hasn’t it.

Writing a book consumed most of my health driven obsessions and the rest of spare time seemed to be filled with grand ideas of what my life should become after divorce, unemployment and basically starting over.

I became habituated with the idea of a new beginning on a regular basis. The mere thought that there was not going to be one day like the other made it easier for me to push forward and lean into my crazy ideas and just follow my gut’s insights. Surrounding myself with the “appropriate” person mutated as I transitioned into every stage of the mourning process of my father’s loss, my not-so successful marriage and leaving the family business after 10+ years.

“I am not much of a party person” said she while coming back from a wedding at 7am and “I am not a fan of celebrating my birthday” after 5 different gatherings with me as the special guest. I thought of myself as one way and then discovered after moving out of my sister’s house and into my first very own grown up apartment, that I am quieter when I want to be but also, I love the butterflies that come with regular hugs from grandparents and nieces and nephews.


The idea of rebuilding my life was both exhilarating and intimidating at the same time. An oxymoron on emotions. I had to fly to Brasil to find exactly what I was looking for as far the business part, I had to rewrite and re edit my book to be able to do the same for my present and redefine the word luxury because living on my own has been quite the eye opener for me.

Sheding over 35lbs came with leaving behind a great deal of unnecessary actions and unwanted outsiders´opinions. My flexitarian way of life was no longer limited to a diet and a monochromatic wardrobe had to be replaced with colorful statement pieces that reflected the truest nature of myself through all hues.



Amazing 18 months thus far. I’ve got a lot on my mind and new projects await. Looking forward to share them with you.




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