Action from love

In a world driven by obsessions where disconnection from self has become the norm and social media followers the currency, it has become a challenge to engage in oneself with absolute awareness.

The constant pursuit for mindfulness is followed by the never ending quest for belonging amidst the search for self love and acceptance. We are now measured by a small digital icons that tells our story in the shape of a little heart because then, and only then will this mean that we are accepted by the media.

This way of living is possible and even bearable until we encounter with a real life problem or a situation that makes us question everything we deemed important or even relevant. The death or potential loss of a loved one, a financial struggle or an emotional impasse that can only be the staggering result of long-term numbness can definitely turn the lid off the kettle once it starts boiling.

Solitude is condemned with a shitty temper and a plant based diet with a having a hippy personality and in an era of constant evolution, keeping up the trends has become too exhausting for me. The way we converse amongst friends and family members needs a new agenda and even a new language to break free from the “all is good” façade.

I started finding myself in the gratitude behind daily chores, the feeling of absolute pride and awe after waking up 6 days in the week to workout out of pure excitement (not obligation) and the new positive self talk dialogues. Thanking the Universe for the small things and appreciating the small accomplishments with big celebrations can go a long way; but in my story, there is nothing like expanding from love.

Expand from love..jpg

Action from love. Understanding from love. And when love is nowhere near, empathy or even forgiveness will get me to re align with my purest self. The three resonate in the same frequency but love is the easiest to manifest of them all. Easily mistakable… yes. The wonderful thing about life is that there is such a thing as trial and error, so… give it a try. Stay in the love.



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