Call me Grandma Moses

At a memorial service, a couple of weeks ago, I bumped into an old friend from school. We talked about the trivial stuff of life and then we started talking about our new found selves. He has become his own man, a very generous one I found out that day, and while I was sharing […]

Good fences

Working on just myself is never enough to keep me centered, and happy with the rest of the world. Sure, it has to start from there but, when we are relating to people on a daily basis, we might need to understand that not everybody is on a path of emotional growth. And, not everybody […]

Vitamin Sea

One of the most rewarding experiences of my life has been to rekindle my relationship with my family. My now centered present has allowed me to become part of daily (and very entertaining) moments that have brought us back together. I have realized that there is no time like the present to work on those […]

Nature vs Nurture

The eternal psychological debate about the why a person comes to be successful can sometimes be reduced in a simple dilemma: are we born with it or are raised to become successful? It has been a wonderful experience to recognize both spectrums of this hypothesis. On one hand, you have the people who have had […]

Everyday is a monDAY

Happy Monday seems to be an oxymoron considering that the day when most suicides happen is on a monday (too dark a thought??) and most memes posted on facebook on a monday are sort of depressing… but I’ll start with something else… It’s been forever since I heard anybody say “I’m gonna start working out tomorrow” […]

Everywhere I see…nails!

After starting my journey as a certified Health Coach by the Institute for Integrative Nutrition® I got to experience something I had never known before and I summed everything up in: “when given half the chance, the body will naturally heal itself”. No truer words had I ever heard of before my mentor, Joshua said them […]


The word “perfect” no longer exists in my vocabulary. The mere thought of exceeding the expectations of such a big word, gives me anxiety and frankly, it feels very inadequate for what I do and am. In the world of holistic healing, perfection strays far from the path of love and life’s purpose. As an […]

Clean Eating

The fact that there are over 38 million hits on google server when you type in the search engine: “clean eating”, makes me ponder about this huge dietary movement going on. As a student of nutrition, major aficionado on health and wellness and, happy cook, I look forward to yummier habits everyday. Thousands of books […]

Basket case

As I strolled down the few isles of the health store yesterday, I stumbled upon a wonderful finding: a VEGAN SECTION. First of it’s kind in Guatemala (or it was new for me at least). And I was fascinated by the mere fact that things seem to be turning even though we don’t care to […]