Action from love

In a world driven by obsessions where disconnection from self has become the norm and social media followers the currency, it has become a challenge to engage in oneself with absolute awareness. The constant pursuit for mindfulness is followed by the never ending quest for belonging amidst the search for self love and acceptance. We […]

Building blocks

So it’s been a while hasn’t it. Writing a book consumed most of my health driven obsessions and the rest of spare time seemed to be filled with grand ideas of what my life should become after divorce, unemployment and basically starting over. I became habituated with the idea of a new beginning on a […]

La vie en rose

Life has handed me more than the handful of lemons. I’ve been privileged enough to witness (literally) thousands of acts of love everyday which seem to go by just so quickly and ignored. And some acts that transcend the quotidian still lie in the back of my mind everyday I witness these heroes on their […]


This phrase seems to be catching on and even more so on Social media. People seem to be moved so much by this that these daring acts, the what-would-normally-be-embarrasing in real life or behaviors are just simply becoming day to day events that we can actually be proud to share. This is the era of […]

A trojan horse

We do thousands of things everyday. We get up, meditate, exercise (insert whatever makes your heart skip a beat), we make breakfast, shower (or not), manage our many social media accounts, drive/bike/walk to work, sit in front of a computer, create/design/run numbers… the list is endless. In the end, we do everything for a reason. […]

An act of solitude

  “Language has created the word ´loneliness´to express the pain of being alone. And it has created the word ´solitude´ to express the glory of being alone”. – Paul Tillich While I was at the gym the other day, I remembered my friend (and ultra runner) say that when she just started her training for […]